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APR is the cost of consumer credit as a percentage, spread out over the term of the loan.  It includes any charges payable directly or indirectly by the consumer and imposed directly by the creditor as an incident to or a condition of the extension of credit. It does not include any charge of a type payable in a comparable cash transaction.  Charges that are included in the APR calculation should be indicated as Prepaid Finance Charges* on the Good Faith Estimate.

Interest rates can change every day, and many times within a day, so please call for the most recent market quote.  The rates below are listed by note rate and APR.  Please review the APR definition to the right. 

A calculator is provided to allow you to estimate monthly P&I payments.

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Interest Rates updated on 10/1/2022

(Rates are very volatile.  Please contact a loan officer to discuss an interest rate)

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